Neon Fuzz Spring Edition!

Spring is almost here! 

To celebrate, Neon Fuzz is back! Also switching on The Today Show this morning proved that the whole wold is thinking about our sport! Roger Federer takes on Savannah and Bill Gates tonight for his charity, and all will be shown on The Tennis Channel! 

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10 Ways to make a dull practice more fun

Ever found yourself in a practice situation where your partner just isn’t quite as good as you had hoped? There are ways to make this more fun for you, if you just leave your ego aside and use it as a controlled practice session.
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Spring Tennis Tips:

As Spring rolls around and everyone starts looking for Tennis Buddies for the season, here are a few tips to help you along your way.

- Try to find people of similar standards to be your hitting partners, playing with good friends that are not the same level can be damaging to a friendship!

- When searching for a new coach find out their credentials, a certified coach has committed themselves to ongoing education, will get you connected to your local Tennis community, and is much more likely to be a positive influence on your Tennis game than one that isn't certified.

-Find a club with people you like! While it's nice to have good facilities, it's the people that will really make or break the experience. 

Need help finding a hitting partner or a certified pro? Shoot us an email and we will help you out. We have a database of people always looking for hitting partners and can help you find the right pro for you!

See you on a court somewhere soon, and in the meantime, catch many many Tennis related antics on Instagram! 
See you there! 


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Posted on March 5, 2018 .