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Six Weeks to a Solid Serve, the Online Edition.

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Well done for taking the first step to having a quality serve! It takes commitment to change an old habit or develop a new one, especially if you're here with goals of more power and accuracy, to achieve those we first have to have correct consistency! The first three weeks are dedicated to achieving some important fundamentals, and then following three weeks are then building on those, to hopefully get your serve up to the next level! 

REMEMBER: When learning to parallel park you don't do it at 70mph! When working on new techniques here do it at 5mph!

Week 1

Below you will find a little preview to some of the things addressed in Week 1 of the Serve Series.


Warm Up! 

This little warm up also doubles as a PreHab exercise! As you develop a better serve we have to make sure your muscles are up to it! 

Grab a Thera Band and loop it around a net post. Rotate at the shoulder keeping your arm at 90 Degrees!

After this, throw a Tennis ball with your friend or against a wall, and focus on having a proper arm cock, with the throwing hand starting up high by your ear!

sock gif med.gif

The Tennis ball in a sock drill.

Hate this, or love it, it's worth practicing this drill. Put some time in before each practice to develop a nice smooth swing. Once you are managing this without hitting yourself you won't need to do it very often, and it really does help your arm to get loose and you to develop a good habit on the follow through.

Want more info on this? Join us live on Thursday!


Toss Practise.

Before you start hitting serves, do this move on it's own. If the ball is coming back down into your hand consistently this is good! Make sure that you are releasing the ball at about eye level, and that you are reaching up as high as you can to catch the ball with your left hand. Remember, once you hit some serves to be disciplined and never hit the ball if the toss is not good!

Now the fun part! Hit a few serves and try not to worry about where they are going at this point! Have a nice loose swing, and take a few videos, side view and back view! Plug them into the app and play around with the parameters. Download a video of a pro you like (Or use some of these https://instagram.com/syvideos/) and compare those parameters with your serve! We are going to be using your Week 1 Videos to track your progress over the next 6 weeks!

Check in with us on instagram with #SYserveseries and #SYTennis show us your app screenshots so we can see what you're working on and help you achieve your serving goals!

If you have any questions shoot an email to info@sphericalyellow.com!

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We Start in the first week of March 2019!

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