FaceTime Tennis


It all started with...

Some fantastic connections were made across the planet through the Instagram  tips and blog posts. People wanted to know how they could connect directly with the Spherical Yellow crew, some even traveling to Nashville for some Tennis sessions. 

So, after a few trial sessions, we have now launched FaceTime Tennis sessions, where all you need is FaceTime or Skype to get your one on one session with us!

If you're working on your serve, you don't even need a wall or hitting partner! Want your matches analyzed? We don't even have to be watching at the same time! Film and email works very well too!

Email margot@sphericalyellow.com for more information, or click below to buy! Right now we have some fantastic offers in place, including a buy 5 get 6 deal where the sessions will not expire til the end of March! 

Buy a Private 5 Lesson Pack get 6

What a great gift idea!!!

Take this moment to commit to your game and have private instruction weekly, 6 weeks is a good block of time to really see some improvement in your game!

Normally this would expire after 7 weeks of purchasing but buy this before Christmas and they will not expire until the end of March!

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