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Shoulder Pre hab!

TWAY, one of the best ways to help prevent rotator cuff, back and shoulder injuries, especially useful for Tennis players and should be added in to your weekly gym routine! Do 10 TWAYs, feel the shoulder burn, and then move on! 

Swing back here next week and we will show you an easy way to add this to your on court warm up! 

This little gem helps strengthen your rotator cuff. For a full explanation on how to do this exercise properly,  click here.

This little gem helps strengthen your rotator cuff. For a full explanation on how to do this exercise properly, click here.

Now for a super simple over-head tip, an over-head instructional video.

These are super simple tips here that can help everyone! Bummed that you missed the last round of Serve Tips that we did in March? Don't worry, the SY Serve Series is coming later this year, keep your eyes on your inbox for more details: Sign Up for Info Here!

If you like what you see here, we totally recommend four things:

  • Check out the shop, cause we have loads more cool stuff in there that you will love.
  • Talk to your coach! Your coach has seen YOU play, and will help you identify which of these tips will be best for you. With that said though, we try to keep our tips simple and easy for everyone to understand!! 
  • Scroll down for a sneak preview of Five Weeks to Fast Feet!
  • Check back again really soon for the next round of Tips! These videos change up every week or so!

This is the Scissor Kick! 

Once you have Smash Jacked sideways (for more info check out the little video next) you want to get in position underneath the ball. To get as much height on your contact point, you will use your back leg to load and push off up to the ball. As your body rotates up to make contact, your front leg and back leg will pass by each other, allowing you to land on what was the front leg. Sounds complicated but with a little bit of practice it is not a hard move. If you don't get air time, that's ok, the loading off that back leg and pushing forwards is the most important part.


Short and Sweet over-head instructional video!


This short video breaks down the over-head into manageable steps, Building on the "Smash Jack" move we just talked about! 

Now check out the app 'cause that is going to help you see how you can improve this technique! Grab your Tennis friend and film each other! Then use the app for your before and after vids, screenshot your best progress and show it to us on instagram! Hashtag is SYTENNIS!


The Ground Covering Cross Over Step

The Ground Covering Cross Over Step

Five Weeks to Fast Feet Preview is below! Check it out and shoot us an email on or use the form below the video to let us know you'd like to join in! It's going to be fun, fast, and for sure improve your game! Just by hanging with us! 

Want to start getting to grips with the exercises before the Five Weeks Kicks off? Get the details on the movements here:

This little showcase gives you a sneak preview of what to expect from the Spring 2018 edition of Five Weeks to Fast Feet!! Especially for Tennis Players! Find out more at

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The "Smash Jack"

The "Smash Jack"