Margot of Spherical Yellow is Teaming up with Wristpect Sport!


Ever wondered

where those cool wristbands come from? Well Margot has been rocking them unofficially for a couple of years now... this company is way more than just a wrist band company, these folks are passionate about Tennis and sharing the love of the sport, so it's an absolute honor to be officially representing them!


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A tennis players journey is personal and varies individualistically from person to person but we find it interesting how tennis players journey's (plural) merge and meld into one story within this great sport!

Our tennis journey collided with Margot Carter's via social media (Instagram to be exact). Next thing we knew we were on the phone speaking to this wildly creative soul --complete with Brit accent --about her company (and app), Spherical Yellow! 

The synergy between not only our mutual love of tennis but also our collective desire to bring the tennis community positivity through ideas, coaching and products, was undeniable! It was easy to make this collegiate and pro level tennis player a sponsored Wristpect Sport athlete!

Loving tennis and sports in her home in Winchester, England, Margot ended up in the states after being awarded a full tennis scholarship to Tennessee Tech University where she also completed her Bachelors of Science in Environmental Biology. Tennis didn't stop after college and it hasn't stopped to this day...

Margot wearing Snow Leopard wristband single

Margot wearing Snow Leopard wristband single

Posted on June 6, 2017 .