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The Tennis Connection: A brand new WTCA podcast hosted by Margot Carter with Sarah Stone

What is a tennis community? At the WTCA be believe it is the ability for coaches to feel connected……For the first time in tennis, we ask tennis experts, thought leaders, industry disrupters, pioneers, Grand Slam champions and many more, thought-provoking questions that are guaranteed to captivate your imagination.

Winning in life is working hard, showing up and doing hard things – especially when there are simply no guarantees.

Who was your first coach, why did you fall in love with the sport, how do you feel when you walk back into the club where you grew up, does it feel more like home than any other place on earth. How can we grow our industry together, rise up to achieve gender equity in tennis? Not only raise strong girls but strong boys as well.


Tune in to Tennis Connection Episodes

Episode 0 – Margot Carter and Sarah Stone – Welcome to the podcast



Meet your host

Your host Margot Carter is a former professional tennis player reaching the worlds top 500 before shifting gears to pursue a career as a tennis director, educator and keynote speaker. As a former radio host and DJ, Margot is well versed when it comes to podcasting! An outstanding conversationalist and widely respected witty Brit, Margot has the willingness to embrace vulnerability enabling her to deliver a truly authentic and fascinating narrative. Her impressive interviewing style will leave you hanging to tune in to every single episode.  

Alongside Margot is WTCA founder and CEO Sarah Stone. After her playing days concluded Sarah went from playing at Wimbledon to become a three-time Grand Slam winning coach. Those that spend time with our fearless leader quickly realize that she is a thoughtful and compassionate humanitarian who has an unwavering commitment to living life wholeheartedly. Her vision was to create an organization that was inclusive of absolutely everybody and make it known that time was up for the elitist mentality that has historically been such a large part of tennis culture. ‘Virtuosity in life is singing out, not necessarily singing well’ is a motto that Stone has always lived her life by – never one to back down from a challenge and always the one to lift up those around her. 

Together, Carter and Stone take you on a wild ride! Grow the community with us, let us know what the tennis world should be talking about – how can we work as one to be game changers, disrupters, visionaries, supporters, advocates, partners, neighbors, friends, colleagues, benevolent leaders, and team-mates?

Advantage receiver – Stay tuned for more updates.

Yours truly, 

Margot, Sarah and the WTCA team 

Posted on July 31, 2019 .

Stop Press! New Soup Recipe that ROCKED MY WORLD!

Sweet Potato, Carrot, Coconut Velouté

1 Sweet Potato
4 Carrots
1 Onion
2 cups Coconut Milk
3 cups Vegetable Bouillon
1 Tsp Turmeric
1 Tsp Paprika
1 TBs Olive Oil

Peel and chop all the veggies.
Heat the Olive Oil in the casserole
Cook the onion until it’s lightly browned
Add the other veggies and the milk and the bouillon.
Add the spices and some salt and pepper.
Bring to a boil and then simmer for 30 minutes.
Blend with a hand blender.
Serving idea, add a poached egg right before serving!

I made this last night and devoured the lot! Post your pics on instagram and tag us so we can see!

Posted on February 12, 2019 .

Have you heard about the Spring Cleanse?


After years of players asking for nutrition advice we finally decided to make it official and write it all down! What better way to detox after a long winter! Margot's recipes come from a lifetime of eating her Mothers French Cooking while competing in Tennis Tournaments.

Balanced nutrition of fresh food ✔

Easy to prepare recipes and snacks ✔

Lots of Instagram Food posts ✔

We also have a 24 hour Smoothie cleanse, which should be plugged into this plan twice, but on a day that you know you won’t be too active, and will be near a toilet! These cleanses really do flush out your system and you will be dashing off to pee a lot!

A few tips to get you started:

Ahead of any kind of food plan, whatever your goals, it’s a good idea to get rid of anything from your kitchen that might tempt you off track. Don’t leave those beers in the fridge thinking you will be able to ignore them, don’t leave that bag of chips in the pantry, remove any cakes or cookies from your house! Trust me when I say it’s so much easier if you replace those with your healthy allowed snacks, even a high calorie diet needs to have good calories in it, and large quantities of refined sugars are not the answer. A favourite thing to snack on for this type of cleanse is carrots or celery, but if your goal is more calories, check out the Protein Balls or RXBars, or just eat more steak! An old French saying is that a good laugh is as good for your abs as eating a steak. Well if we turn that around, a steak is as good as a really fun ab workout, and now there is science backing this up! Just goes to show the French really know their stuff when it comes to food.

Be inspired by your cooking space, and make preparing a meal fun! Have music, and maybe some fresh herbs growing to inspire you to use your own herbs to cook with, if you make the meal preparation a lot of fun, you will feel so much more inspired to cook well and to eat well, and you may even find yourself less hungry after all that cooking, I do anyway!

This one is very important:


Research shows that taking time to savor both the meal preparation and then the meal itself actually results in less food being eaten, and longer, more effective satiety, which actually in turn leads to better nutrient absorption. So switch off the TV, put down your phone, sit down with your friends and family and enjoy the meal.

Culinary Notes:

Don’t underestimate the required quality of your ingredients, when buying salt, get sea salt. When looking for mustard find Dijon Mustard that has no weird additives. Ready made meals or pastries or mixes are all full of additives and fillers that are not at all necessary, and while each one may be shown to be ok for human consumption, there are very few studies that demonstrate what happens to our bodies when we ingest these things as a cocktail. Problems with health or reactions to foods often come out a generation later, so why not preempt this potential problem for ourselves and future generations by making the wise choice of eating real and quality food. Invest in yourself and your future by choosing things that have had the most natural way of developing. Grass fed Beef and free range grain fed chickens/eggs developed more slowly and without growth hormones, they probably also had a far higher quality of life.

Where possible you can buy these things from local markets, but even in supermarkets the good options are usually there. When reading the food labels look for things you can’t pronounce, ask yourself why they are there, and then look for an option that doesn’t have them!

I am just going to include this one very simple recipe for right now, because it is essential, and for me a daily requirement in my homemade salads.

How to make a proper French Vinaigrette for your salads. In your salad bowl, mix the following with a whisk or fork:

▪ A pinch of sea salt

▪ 1⁄2 a tablespoon of Dijon Mustard ▪ 1 Tablespoon of Balsamic Vinegar

Once these have a smooth consistency, add:

▪ A tablespoon of Virgin Olive Oil

▪ Freshly ground Pepper to taste

Mix well!

Ok friends, look for more posts with fav recipes over the next few weeks, and if you’re inspired, consider joining the Spring Cleanse coming May 1st 2019!

Also check out our page on nutritional nuggets right here www.sphericalyellow.com/nutrition

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Posted on February 9, 2019 .

WTCA Summit Naples, FL. Dec 2018.

What a stunning day! The temps in Naples rose to a beautiful 80°F and the crowds came out from the ITA conference to see the line up that the WTCA had put together. 

We kicked off the morning with Emilio Sanchez on the court, showing us some different cross court drills and working on opening up the court, with use of different targets and drills. It’s always refreshing to see similar drills (thanks for the reassurance that us coaches are on the right track!) coupled with new ways of viewing them. His use of targets against the fence or over the net to assist with angles and directions were very useful. 

We then rolled into the high energy session with Ian Barstow, an excellent hour on movement, because, of course « Tennis is a Movement Sport » stating the often over looked obvious and showing us on court workouts that mimic real situations. From my own personal experiences I can say this was always my favorite form of fitness and strength training.

This was followed up with a Groundstrokes Unlimited session by the powerful duo of Sarah Stone and Ann Grossman Wunderlich. A series of drills aimed at speeding up the forehand swing and getting the mindset into moving forwards built on what Emilio had been showing us earlier.

After a short break Eva Borras Borreguero jumped into communication with female athletes reiterating what was becoming the theme of the day, with regards to positivity and solution focused sessions. This was followed with a panel answering questions, Ann Grossman Wunderlich, Trish Faulkner and myself. Thanks so Sarah Stone for asking thought provoking questions that put me nicely on the spot! It was a balanced panel with us all having different perspectives to offer. 

We concluded the day with a strength training review from Dean Hollingworth, who as always brought energy and insight to his presentation. 

A lovely high energy day with the WTCA crew, a big thank you to everyone that helped make the event a success. 

Posted on December 24, 2018 .

FHSTA Conference, Daytona.

It was an absolute honor to be asked to speak at the FHSTA 2018 Tennis Workshop. Thanks so much to Mike Baugh for the invitation. I very much enjoyed the research that I did to provide supporting evidence to my presentation “P.A.Q. The Communication Code”. It reminded me a lot of being back in Grad School spending hours on Pub Med finding studies that would help me with my thesis. I delved into this topic of Communication as for me it is essential that our subject matter is delivered in a way that will maximize learning and understanding of the topic. So often teaching can be tough, not because we don’t know the content, and not because our players are not willing to learn, but due to little nuances that can affect how well the information is received. I have broken down my main points into this code which can actually be applied to any form of teaching, no matter the teacher, or the student.

Posted on December 10, 2018 .

Have you got a case of end of summer blues?

We do! But we found the solution! Our Annual Spring Fling event is only 5 months away! So you have no excuse to say we didn’t warn you about this one.

This year its going to be a bit bigger and a bit better, as since we are hosting a Coaches Networking Event the day after, we will be bringing to you wide variety of different coaches for the event!

Croissants… Espressos…. Bubbly… and LOTS OF TENNIS!

Book now to get the extra special pricing!

Posted on October 13, 2018 .

The Women’s Coaches Tennis Association annual New York Conference August 2018

The annual trip to New York for the Women’s Tennis Coaching Association conference was, as it was last year, a phenomenal success. To have so many coaches from all over the world gather to « Lead positive change in women’s tennis by providing coaches with the education and training that inspires and safeguards ALL female tennis players to achieve their best on and off the court » was an energetic and empowering experience.

Posted on September 11, 2018 .

How To 'Tennis': Beat The Heat!


Preparing for any kind of physical activity requires good nutrition and hydration at the best of times, but when the heat turns up it's even more important to fuel your body correctly. The last thing you want is to experience heat related problems, it could be as mild as nausea, and headaches or as bad as vomiting and cramps. Extreme dehydration can even land you in the hospital on a drip while you recover! 

Do's and Don'ts of your Tennis Practice day!

DO: Have a well balanced meal prior to your Tennis. Waffles or cereal or pop tarts are NOT a good breakfast! If you don't have time for a proper meal, make a smoothie with BANANAS! They are full of goodies to help fuel your body and prevent cramps, throw some protein in your shake, in the powder form, or a little bit of Kale, that stuff is magical and will help speed up your recovery post Tennis too. Find More recipes here.

DO: Drink lots of water from the moment you wake up, and keep sipping' through the day. The moment you notice you are thirsty you are already dehydrated, the key is to prevent thirst from kicking and to remain as hydrated as possible. Dehydration headaches are only one of the horrible symptoms of not drinking enough WATER!

DO: Play with a hat or visor, preferably light in colour and lightweight. We LOVE this one from Head.

DON'T: Consume sports recovery drinks in place of water. These products are for the most part either full of Sugar, or Chemical Sugar replacements. They have their place on the Tennis court, but for every sip of one of these drinks take two sips of water, and keep an eye on the labels to avoid high sugar or (in the diet ones) strange chemicals replacing the sugar. If you really want to drink these I highly recommend Kill Cliff, it's full of Vitamins, Ginger, Green Tea, Enzymes, and general goodies to help you through the day, and no strange sweeteners or sugars! 

DON"T: Sit inside in the air conditioning all day. Get outside in the shade at least 30 minutes before you start playing and let your body get accustomed to the heat slowly. 

Posted on June 21, 2018 .

The 45th Annual Music City Tennis Invitational is this Weekend! Last day to register.

Nashville Spring Tennis News!
The Music City Tennis Invitational is this Weekend!

This fantastic event is in it’s 45th year of raising money for the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and today is the last day to register. Open to all abilities, and one incredibly good time with 3 days of Tennis and 2 excellent parties you don’t want to miss it!
Details and registration info here:


Also, if you'd like to help in anyway, we are in need of two things for Saturday Night! A sound system, and a bartender! If you can help with either of these please reply to this email! Thank you :) 

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 1.53.02 PM.png

Pre ordering a lovely Tank with this design on it RIGHT NOW!
Order here

Also, just so that you don’t miss out, West Meade Summer Camp info and timetables have been released and details are here!

We Kick off with a half week starting May 30th and our first full week begins June 4th.

Registration is via email or web.  

This Spring we also have the following:

Brunch 🥂 🎾 Tennis:

Saturday Mornings 8-9

🎾 Fresh FRENCH 🇫🇷  Croissants🥐  Nespresso Espresso Shots ☕ , and some Bubbles 🥂 🍾 🎾 

Pre Order your Brunch Tank here.

Adult Fast Feed Drills and Games
Saturday Mornings at  9-9:55am

De- Stress by chasing the Tennis ball around to music- we have drills, we have games, it's always fun! 

Only $15 or only $10 if you bring a newbie! (non members add an extra $5 to all prices) 

Saturdays 5th and 12th May 10-11am

No equipment required, just non marking shoes!!
Bring your friends!!
Non Members $5.

to RSVP to either session email: margot@sphericalyellow.com

See you on the courts!! 

More Spring Tennis Info

I hope to see you out on the courts very soon, if you have any questions about any of the Tennis programming please send an email to margot@sphericalyellow.com it's spring time lets play!

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Posted on April 25, 2018 .