Finding Success in What is Usually Perceived as a Failure.

So often we are so quick to criticize ourselves, especially on the Tennis court where we are usually either striving to improve something, or to win. Following on from last week where we focussed on finding the solution, rather than thinking about the problem, this week we are looking at finding success out of a "failure". 

Here are a few examples that I see regularly, of how people are hard on themselves, but should really find a success. 

When working on the technique of anything, you mustn't get annoyed if the shots do not go in the court, you're trying to specifically fix a certain part of your stroke, so focus on the success you find within those specific goals. Be it the follow through, the contact point, or anything else. Be pleased with the small successes, and the important ones will be even better and also easier to fix later on. 

When serving, I am always quick to praise someone who doesn't hit the toss when it's not accurate, rather than criticize the fact that is wasn't perfect. While the toss is very important to get right, it's also something that takes a lot of work for it to be perfect. A better celebration is simply the (often hard) decision not to try hitting that bad toss!

If you said to yourself, I am going to aim up the middle of the court, but the ball goes long. Be pleased that the direction of your aim was good, and next adjust the aim of the depth. This is a big one I see often in doubles drills! 

Posted on September 28, 2017 .