Continental Grip

Continental Grip

Use this for Volleys, Overheads and Serves!

Continental Grip

We like to call it the "Chopper Grip", like how you hold the knife in the kitchen when you're chopping carrots!

Use this grip for Volleys, Overheads and Serves!

On Volleys you don't have time to switch grips at the net and still have quick hands and be an effective volleyer, this grip stays the same for both forehand and backhand volleys, and also allows you to have a very effective volley on low balls. On top of this there are many negative aspects to having any other grip at the net, including potential injury!

Over heads and serves: Use this grip for many reasons!! It allows you to rotate your wrist and pronate your forearm effectively, it reduces the chance of forearm and wrist injuries and... it's how you get a killer slice!

This grip can be tough to adjust to if you're not used to to, but its really really worth putting the time in to get the hang of it!

Posted on July 31, 2017 .