ClassPass Collaboration and Special Offer on Adult Drills and Games.

We have an excellent collaboration going with ClassPass right now, so if you're a member with them, please check us out here!  If you're not on ClassPass, read on, there are options for you too! 

What is Adult Drills and Games? It's Margot's take on Cardio Tennis, plus some of the games we play with the kids in their clinics.

Fast paced, fast feeding, game time, sweat session!

Still not sure? Scroll down to see ClassPassers Reviews!

This class is $20 for non members, $15 for Members to drop in, but tomorrow at 5 pm and Friday July 21 at 6pm we have a special non member deal of only $12! AND... sign up for both and they will only be $10 each! 

Spaces are limited so if you want to get in, email us ASAP!

You know you wanna come sweat it out with the tunes up loud and Margot encouraging you all the way! 😊 

Posted on July 16, 2017 .