Testing out Tabata Training!

For those of you that don't check Instagram a lot of our workouts get posted there in one form or another, either as a post or in the "Story".

It was in doing this that a funny message came through from a friend, "Hey look at you organizing Tabata workouts!" to which we said... what's that? Well, turns out we had been doing a form of Tabata with out even knowing it. 

After this and some extensive Google searching, we found the true Tabata style, 4 rounds of exercises. Each round consists of 1 exercise only, 20 seconds high intensity, 10 seconds rest, 8 times. Pre warned that this was tough, we chose 4 TRX core exercises and knocked out 20 minutes of TRX Tabata. It is fair to say that muscles burned in ways we had not experienced in a while, and while it may feel like 20 minutes is a short workout, on a day when time is of the essence, it felt good to kick that out of the way and get on with life! 

Tabata TRX Workout:

Each exercise 20 seconds high intensity, 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times. followed by 1 minute rest and then move on to the next exercise!!

TRX Plank Jacks
TRX Mountain Climbers
TRX Side Plank (Punch through arms and alternate sides)
TRX Obliques (Knees together in to arm pit and out- alternate sides)
Then don't forget to pick a Prehab exercise to finish off!! 


Let me know how it goes!!

Posted on March 28, 2017 .